Lumex Warranty Announcement

By admin | May 26, 2020

As announced in 2018 Urban Lighting Group, now known as SKS Lighting, acquired the assets of the Lumex brand. As part of the change in ownership the obligation to fulfil warranty claims related to items purchased pre July 2018 will cease as at June 30 2020.
The primary producer of products for Lumex when under the previous ownership has ceased to manufacture and therefore, we are no longer able to supply like for like replacements and spares.
SKS Lighting will continue to support past customers with product issues, by offering discounted/cost pricing on alternative products to support customers.
Lumex items sold after the 1st July 2018 remain covered by their respective 3,5- or 7-year warranties subject to the product type, application and hours of use as stipulated in our Terms and Conditions.
SKS Lighting offer a parts/product only warranty – Installation and any associated costs with repair/replacement are not included in our warranty.



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