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72 Maxi Downlights 53 NovaBlade Panels 7 Year Maintenance free period up to $90,000 savings over 10 yers

The Challenge

Work Space Lighting Solution New Build

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About NovaLED Maxi and NovaBlade

NovaBlade pioneered the concept of LED panel lighting to corporate Australia. The Slice of Light technology has demonstrated its superiority over comparable offers. The edge lit design offers a smooth, even dispersal of light with minimal glare. The latest NovaBlade panels are even more energy efficient, offering corporate Australia even greater energy savings.
The NovaLED Maxi GEN3 Range combines brilliance with extra low glare, opening NovaLED Maxi GEN3 up to a broad range of more specialised design opportunities.


72 NovaLED Maxi

53 NovaBade Panels

Customised DALI system

Hi Colour CRI>90


7 year warranty

NovaLED Maxi and NovaBlade Panels

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